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Earthworks Terms berserk : frenzied violence or maniacal destruction, as in wild and unrestrained abandon. They had an underground empire that stretched through the entire continent of Northrend, before it was destroyed by the Scourge. Also, the effect caused by recirculation back into the source country of propaganda or disinformation previously planted abroad by that country's intelligence service in an effort to mislead the government of some other country. Also, informal referent for an intermittent signal, as a flicker or flash. Blood sport : any competitive activity that involves killing or the shedding of blood, such as bullfighting, cockfighting, bearbaiting, and the like; although this definition has been extended to recreational hunting, it has not yet been applied to martial arts and warfare. On the Cylon side, there are models Four and Five, the Simons and the Dorals, who have no "unique" members or much established personality/screen time, although 'The Plan' gave some more importance to Simon. Blue nose : a ship that has crossed the Arctic Circle (at.5 north latitude, between the North Frigid Zone and the North Temperate Zone so-called from painting the hawsepipes blue, as being representative of the cold; the ship's company of such a voyage may. Eliot in The Hollow Men (1925) Also, by onomatopoeic association, slang for a thrill or excitement; see blast, gung-HO, wetsu, gusto, A fine AND pleasant misery, nickel ride, theme park, jrtc, NTC, RED flag, WAR games. Aside from housing Dover Air Force Base, being home to the most favorable corporate laws and most well-developed corporate common law, Delaware is a non-entity for most of the population, with, again, the notable exception of everyone whose corporation is headquartered in Delaware for tax. Also, a short sequence of controlled automatic fire, usually from three to six rounds, as shot from a carbine (CAR assault rifle (AR or machinegun (MG compare double TAP, hammer, rock 'n' roll, spray, hose, flock shoot, blind fire, busting caps.

Look at me swagger. This method improved operational success, reduced casualties, and eliminated friction between field and staff personnel. Broth : see juice, soup, bully soup, poor MAN'S stew, slumgullion, POT liquor, stone soup, slop, wash. See avlb, bailey bridge, treadway bridge, pontoon bridge, cutwater, bridge rating, route step, gangway, brow, rope bridge, highline.

Only Arbrau played a major role in the series while SAU nearly clashed with Arbrau in the early episodes of Season. Chirm, a city sufficently close to Ankh-Morpork that it is the first destination Rincewind and Twoflower set out for after leaving the city is also never mentioned again after The Colour of Magic. Due to early exposure to crosscultural environments, foreign languages, and familial discipline, most brats are more intelligent, responsible, and self-reliant than their civilian peers. Also, (forthcoming a fictional character featured in comics since 1939; a superhero wearing a disguise and utility belt, operating as the "Dynamic Duo" with a partner called BOY wonder; also spelled "Bat-Man" and "Batman compare captain marvel, see PIG, police. Basket head : any Asian, especially a peasant or farm laborer, due to their prevalent wearing of a straw hat (eg: NON LA) patterned in a traditional or tribal style; a neutral or unbiased reference to an oriental, also expressed as "straw hat" or "rice. Partly justified because, being doctors, they remain neutral and don't really participate in any conflict. Nb: to "lose the bubble" is to be disoriented, or so far out of control that the submarine is in jeopardy; see pitch, YAW, roll, attitude adjustment bubble-TOP : nickname of the Bell OH-13 sioux observation helicopter, a scoutship that's starkly configured; also called "bubble". Peeples, Gene Roddenberry, John.F.

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