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do my sales and download counts appear to visitors of my profile page? How do I change the sampling percentage? I see my book in my Dashboard, I see my book page, and the status says published, yet it's not appearing in search results Click to any Smashwords web page and then in the upper right hand corner, check your Filter settings. . An account also allows you to leave reviews and save money clr bath and kitchen cleaner coupon with Smashwords coupons (issued by the author/publisher). Also make sure your book passed epubcheck (see next item below). In instances where your book is distributed to other online retailers, the retailers do not discount your work. " link under the sign-in box on the home page. Return to Top Glossary of Ebook Publishing and Reading Terms Making sense of ebook publishing jargon, gobbleygook, acronyms and Smashwords terminology Affiliate - Affiliate refers to an affiliate marketer, which is typically a person who enrolls in the Smashwords Affiliate program. . On the first day of the launch of the iPad in April 2010, Smashwords had over 2,000 books in their store, and today we distribute over 250,000 books to Apple Books in 51 countries including the US, Canada,.K, Australia, France, Italy, Germany and more. .

How do I change the categorization? From any Smashwords book page, right under the pricing box, you'll see a button you can click labeled, "Create Widget". . This means that you simply upload one Word.doc to create multiple ebook files, making your book readable on virtually any e-reading device. . It might list your chapters or chapter headings. Virality is how nearly all books go on to become best-sellers. DRM'd books can be reproduced and pirated, just as easily as a printed book can be scanned and digitized (Type "Crack DRM" into Google to see how easy it is to remove DRM from a book). Other customers may download in multiple formats to determine which format works best for their e-reading device, or possibly they purchased a new e-reading device and want to move your books there. . Do not mention price in the description. . He speaks about his own evolving views on piracy. . It destroys your readership at other retailers, and limits your platform-building. . The author pages and book pages are all cross linked and connected back to the Publisher account, offering your readers greater serendipitous discovery of all your titles.

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