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or D grade, though he can work hard when motivated (as in "Good Old.J. Mikey: The Big Heart Gus: Kid-Appeal Character In "Lawson and His Crew Lawson consciously mirrors these roles by gathering Kurst, Menlo, Randall, Skeens and Swinger Girl together under his leadership. The series was notably the only show to premiere in the initial season. Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond : One episode has.J. Hidden Depths : Gus has incredible dodgeball skills that he used to terrorize one of his old schools. Drowning My Sorrows : Vince does this with root beer and donuts in "I Will Kick No More Forever". The Southwest carry-on rules limits each bag dimension to 10 x 16 x 24 inches. .

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"More Like Gretchen." As the title suggests, Gretchen spends the day with Spinelli and her parents, and easily wins the adults over with her wide knowledge base and polite manners. Anyone who travels with young kids knows the kids have more stuff and gear than the adults. Goofs around and comes up with the idea to build a ziggurat out of sugar cubes and put an army man inside. The rest of the gang don't believe him, and Vince tells him that eating paste is bad for him. Opening Shout-Out : In "Lawson and His Crew". Genre-Busting : Comedy/drama/prison escape/satire Genre Throwback : To prison escape movies of the 1960s/1970s.