home depot 10 coupon ebay

course, Im most excited about the 140 well save on the fridge. On top of this, our beloved fridge was white, and the appliances in the new house are black. You can buy them individually, or in lots of up to ten or more. The problem is that we really dont like the new one. And yes, weve considered freezer-on-the-bottom, or freezer-on-the-bottom with double fridge doors, but they just dont turn our collective crank. Our old fridge was big honking.6 cubic foot top-mount model that allowed us (among other things) to store nine (yes, nine!) gallons of milk on the main shelf, while still leaving a bunch more space in fact, those nine gallons take just over half. Home, depot gift card. Were in the market for a new refrigerator. Thus, we opted to leave the old fridge behind and make do with the new one. But first, a bit of backstory As it turns out, the previous owners of the house that we recently purchased left their refrigerator behind. At least if we want to space out our trips to the grocery store.

Home depot 10 coupon ebay
home depot 10 coupon ebay

Were a milk-drinkin family of six. But the biggest thing that we miss is the amount of usable space that we used to have. Anyway, to make a long story short, the best local price that Ive been able to find on the model that we want (a GE Profile Arctica). We want to buy it new, and we want to get it for as little as possible. Right about now youre probably asking who needs to store nine gallons of milk in their fridge? In fact, we got one in the moving package that the usps sends out when we changed our address, but we already used. Most of the Lowes coupons, on the other hand, seemed to expire in four to six weeks. Thats right, hop on over to eBay and youll find a ton of auctions for.

In fact, I just scored a six pack for 8 including shipping. But, given the price, Im willing to roll the dice. Its 1399, beating Sears by 100, and if we buy before the end of the well get a 100.

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