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Trish Van Devere and George. Keyla is Greek for "pure of heart." He's friendly and selfless. Watch the car chase scene where they pass the same convenience store 3 times. Each episode great quality and running approx.

With Sven-Bertil Taube and Bar bara Perkins. The carvings also foretell Boar's death. A lively one here with plenty of shoot-em-up violence and surprises. Anna Cropper, Susan George, Victor Henry and Jack Shepherd star. There are a few villains in the series with clothing, armor, or weapons made from parts of animals they've allegedly killed, such as Cluny the Scourge and his cloak made from bat wings, and Urgan Nagru and his wolf pelt, with the skull intact. Pitru is more or less a feline version of Klitch. His only companion is Ian Bannen, who plays the colorful fisherman Doonan. These white workers treat the natives like scum, and yet they are the bad ones! . The plot takes our hero through the inherent humiliations of the genre and leads to a creepily disquieting finale. What happens to him afterwards will make you cheer for joy, and eventually, he gets it in the end. (77) aka: At zij duchové From Czechoslovakia. His barely paid for truck has been stolen, and credit collectors are after him.

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