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i wasn't super stressed out but really felt in control (or as much as one can be). Program Details m is glad to present this offer finding to you. Our baby girl is due in April. Sounds like we have had similar experiences. You must have hope. Any input would be greatly appreciated! My RE wanted to move me back to the MDF Lupron for my 3rd cycle. I was 38 (unexplained IF/RPL AFC was 11 (suppressed by BCP maybe? Not sure what changed to make that egg work but given my response history- i'm taking.

How GoodRx Works Discount Card More. Prices and coupons for. Lupron, depot, coupons and Discounts, lupron, depot is a medication that can be used to treat prostate cancer in men, endometriosis and fibroids in women, and central precocious puberty in children. Lupron, depot for one prefilled syringe can be upwards of 1,100.

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Anyway, my first cycle i produced only 3 follicles and even with icsi - none of them fertilized (well 2 didn't, 1 fertilized abnormally). Price, follistim, freeman buick coupons aQ 300 IU cartridge 309.00, follistim, aQ 600 IU cartridge 618.00, follistim, aQ 900 IU cartridge 927.00. I'm still somewhat suspicious of the MDF lupon protocol though. Sharon, TTC 31-43, now 45,. The one time they measured my antral follicles - they said i had. 2/3 (ungradeable) were Normal. Contact Avella: 877.546.5779 Toll-Free Phone 877.546.5780 Toll-Free Fax On call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Talk about a devestating outcome - i thought we'd have some to store - and to find out we never even got to go to ET was horrible. I made up my mind that I would go through with this cycle but if it didn't work to interview other REs. max FSH dosage (Gonal F Menopur 16(!) retrieved (with text book results for my age 12 mature (2/3 9 fertilized (75 5 Day 6 blasts (50) and 2 PGS normal 1 "no result" (50).

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