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may be accepted for purposes of division (A) of this section only if all of the following apply: (1) Two articles from major peer-reviewed professional medical journals have recognized, based on scientific or medical criteria, the drug's safety and effectiveness for treatment. (D) No health insuring corporation shall use age or health status as the basis for refusing to renew a converted contract. (15) Savings e meanings of terms used in this subsection are applicable for purposes of this subsection only, and shall not be construed or applied so as to challenge or affect the characterization, definition, or treatment of any similar terms under any other statute, regulation. 1395(x t 2 B as amended, as accepted peer-reviewed medical literature. 1441a(r 4 A as in effect on the day before the transfer date. e) Definition.-In this section, the term source of financial strength' means the ability of a company that directly or indirectly owns or controls an insured depository institution to provide financial assistance to such insured depository institution in the event of the financial distress of the. (i) Joint e Federal primary financial regulatory agencies shall jointly prescribe regulations requiring that financial companies maintain such records with respect to qualified financial contracts (including market valuations) that the Federal primary financial regulatory agencies determine to be necessary or appropriate in order to assist.

B) bparagraph (A) does not limit the authority of the Commission to prescribe rules as directed under this section. 5) e Commission shall adopt rules governing daily trading records for swap dealers and major swap participants. (B) No liability for other r purposes of subparagraph (A the term "actual direct compensatory damages" does not include (i) punitive or exemplary damages; (ii) damages for lost profits or opportunity; or (iii) damages for pain and suffering.

Liquidation channel discount code
liquidation channel discount code

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i) Effective Date of e regulations issued under this section shall become effective 1) with respect to securitizers and originators of asset-backed securities backed by residential mortgages, 1 year after the date on which final rules under this section are published in the Federal Register;. The use of a trade name, an insurance group designation, the name of a parent company, the name of a division of an affiliated insurance company, a service mark, a slogan, a symbol, or other device, without the name of the health insuring corporation. Of the Revised Code to the extent Chapter 3922. The action of the superintendent is subject to review in accordance with Chapter 119. TBD, HB 156, 1, eff. 62 (1935.S.C. (viii) Treatment of master agreement as one y master agreement for any contract or agreement described in any of clauses (i) through (vi) (or any master agreement for such master agreement or agreements together with all supplements to such master agreement, shall be treated. (E) The eligible person's right to any continuation of coverage, or the extension of any continuation of coverage, provided under division (B) or (C) of this section ceases on the date on which any of the following occurs: (1) The eligible person, whether. (b) The contract covers employees for health care services, including basic health care services. (5) Leases under which the covered financial company is the lessor. (D) All of the following apply to any continuation of coverage, or the extension of any continuation of coverage, provided under division (B) or (C) of this section: (1) The continuation of coverage shall provide the same benefits as those provided to any similarly situated. Of the Revised Code unless the policy, contract, or agreement clearly excludes work or occupational related illness or injury, or the policy, contract, or agreement, or a separate writing signed by the subscriber, informs the subscriber that such coverage is excluded and may be available.

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