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is driven by the warm ocean temperature. With our free Hawaii Vacation Travel packet! In meteorological terms, the side from which the wind comes from is the upwind or windward side. In the most extreme cases, flights may be weber grilling spices coupons delayed or rescheduled. Best time to visit: high season The Hawaiian islands are most busy during the high season, which is split into two parts: The first part is during the summer holidays (lots of family travel) and falls roughly between mid-June and the end of August. You can, for example, find a humid tropical climate on the windward side, while the leeward side of the Big Island offers arid climate zones. In Big Island, the northeast trade winds, averaging 12 mph, occur about 90 of the time in the summer and about 50 of the time in the winter. Kailua-Kona Average Precipitation, hilo Average Temperature, hilo Average Precipitation. Clouds are a very normal phenomenon on the Big Island, especially around Hilo and Puna.

The accommodations in Kailua-Kona offer fairly consistent and dry weather at 20"-40" (50-102 cm) annually. Big, island are the fact that, hawaii has a hurricane season. Rain is frequent here at night. Big Island coastal temperatures can sometimes dip into the 60s during mid-winter and rise into to the 90s in mid-summer.

The two Hawaiian seasons: Winter (rainy season) and Summer (dry season). The mean annual rainfall 511 tactical pants coupon map for the Island of Hawaii. Kailua, Kona, and Kohala on the leeward coast, contain the resort areas because they are usually sunny and warm, averaging as little as five inches of rainfall annually. Best time to visit: most daylight Finally, something that people rarely consider is the length of the day. Accommodations here are similar to that of the Kohala Coast. Image credit: usgs Trade winds over the Hawaiian islands blow from the East and Northeast between 250 and 300 days every year ( source ). Accommodations are also more limited. This fortuitous circumstance of geography means the sun is high in the sky year round, creating temperatures that warm both the land and the surrounding ocean, which varies in temperature from only about 75 degrees to 83 degrees between winter and summer.

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