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Flyers, about Shipping. The relative location of the land of abutting land owners family names such as Fetterman, Truckenmiller, Schoub/Schaub/Schoup, and Christman (into which the Kerchner family intermarried) are shown along with some other early landowners adjacent to the Kerchner land. He was the first person buried at the Solomon's Reformed Church in Macungie, Lehigh County,., which was completed that year. The first prospect is Johan Adam Kircher, on page 316 of the 1980 version: "At the Courthouse Philadelphia, Nov 7, 1741. His grave is in the second row, far left, of the "old cemetery". The uncertainty in assuming that she is a child of our Adam and Anna Barbara is that the mother of this child was recorded as Elisabetha Barbara while the earlier records indicate the wife of Adam Kerchner was named Anna Barbara. Incidentally, the newly started in March 2001 Kerchner Surname ydna Genetic Genealogy was one of the first 10 such ydna projects in the world using these newly economically available and practical scientific tools for family name genealogists. Hawkins (American singer) SRY -Sorry SNX -Sorting Nexin SZI -Soul of Zero Intelligence SOX -SOund eXchange SPL -Sound Pressure Level SOU -Source Operable Unit STH -South QYJ -South Brunswick (New Jersey) Public Library SCP -South Celestial Pole SSE -South South-East SSW -South South-West SUO -Southampton.

However, it is not certain our family came specifically from the Reich State of Palatinate. Based on the location of these properties, I have surmised that Adam Kerchner's acres of land was probably located about one mile south-east of Seisholtzville, Hereford Township, Berks County,., along the upper reaches of the eastern branch of the Perkiomen Creek and very near. The "Thirty Year War" (1618-1648) destroyed most of this area and much of Europe. QUJ -"radio code: true course to you, no wind" QUR -radio code: what is the QRA -radio code: What's the name of your station? Therefore, it is this researcher's best estimate, that the 3 recorded males over 16 would have been Frederick and his sons Johan George and Frederick Wilhelm. Of oil) BMR -Basal Metabolic Rate BCO -Base Central Office BDF -Base Defense Force BDZ -Base Defense Zone BDB -Base Development Board BDD -Base Development Doctrine BDP -Base Development Plan BXX -Base Exchange Experiment BHW -Base Hazardous Waste BLO -Base Level Operations BPU -Base Production. I was contacted by a descendant and researcher from this family group who knew about their surname spelling being changed. Kerchner,., speculated that Johan Philip aka Philip Kerchner was the progenitor of our family was that he was the only immigrant ancestor with the surname spelled as Kerchner which was listed in a reference book available in 1909, "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants.

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Philip Peter died about His estate was administered in the Berks County Courthouse in Reading,., under the name Peter Kercher. The last name was not clearly written in the hand written deed. Additional research by me has located another possible burial location for our Adam kerchner. Kerchner born about, baptized, Moselem Zion Lutheran Church, Richmond Township, Berks County,.; "Catharina Kercher born, baptized, Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran Church, Salford Township, Montgomery.,.; and "Henricus Kerger born, baptized about Apr 1761, Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran Church. The connection or the two Kerchner immigrant lines, Adam 1741 and Frederick 1751, was only a theory early on by myself and others. Kennedy (US Senator) RGU -Robert Gordon University RYR -Robert Yates Racing RAV -Robotic Air Vehicle RQE -Robust Quality Estimator RJS -Rochester Japanese School RPO -Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra RGX -Rock Grip Excavator RNR -Rock 'N' Roll RVL -Rock Valley (College) Library RKT -Rocket RHN -Rockwell Hardness.

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