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catch the sideways image and light it up in your field of view. While most of the tech world dismissed the smartglasses concept when Google put Glass to bed back in 2015, Vuzix continued toiling away on the form factor it has been working on since long before Google ever took an interest. The Blade use Vuzixs proprietary waveguide technology to superimpose bright, crystal-clear images directly in your line of sight. How do they work? When the display flicks on, youll get the usual there-and-not ghost effect of something seen only in one eye, until you look squarely at the image and freeze it into focus. Nick Mokey/Digital Trends, nick Mokey/Digital Trends, you can use this little display to look at everything from photos to video, maps, and email.

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Notably, battery life would still be as short as 90 minutes in extreme use-case scenarios, like watching movies. With the blueprint lsat discount code display turned off, the Blade glasses look like any other. Up Next, they're smart AF, and Nvidia's monstrous bfgd monitors are a BFD. Unlike Glass, theres no awkward arm jutting front of your eye. But thats why Vuzix has been working on it for years, and why the end product looks so damn good. In an insane way you would probably never believe if you didnt see it with your own eyes. Pretty standard stuff, sure, but Vuzix already has an app store with third-party options for Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and all the other staples you would expect, cooked up for previous Vuzix eyewear. You might even mistake them for a pair of Oakleys, if it werent for the light glowing around the fat temples. The same tech appeared in last years AR3000 smartglasses, but Vuzix marketed those more toward businesses.