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a high end saw, but I imagine its the same. We measured 90 degree cuts as well as 45 degree bevels and each seemed spot-on. First thing I did after setting up the saw was to build some 3 extension wings on both sides out of 3/4 pine with 1/4 hard board across for my zero clearance backing. One web-site suggested that the Chinese were a little parsimonious with the grease in the gearbox attached to the motor. This happened because I clamped down hard on a narrow strip of wood which caught only the edge of the plate, tilting it, snapping off the E-clip. . I had a tough time trying to adjust these the adjustment would get close, then jump suddenly.

Quality tools low prices.
Make perfect miter cuts up to wide with this powerful sliding miter.
Dual linear ball bearing rails deliver smooth slide action for longer cuts.
A laser guide helps you align cuts with precision.
The Chicago Electric 10,.

Cutting miters and bevels is much easier with a sliding saw too. The electrical cord is routed from the motor, along the slide mechanism and then off the back. Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser Guide System. However, when I released the slide and did a trial cut on a 2X12, the cut was not square! For Value, it scored a 7/10 that quickly jumps to a 10/10 if you can pick it up for its lowest advertised price. Please note the blade is sold separately.

Double click on above image to view full picture. Nos: 7207251, 7367254, 7886644, 7930962, 8359960, 7373866, 7418894, 7383759, 7696450, 7793575, 8770076). Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser Guide System at your local Harbor Freight Tools store! Once I got it cleaned up, I tweaked the fence and the depth stop screw a little. The laser guide makes it easy to cut wood precisely with this compound miter saw. Randyc, Charles Town, WV, i bought this saw because I was not able to cut anything over 6 inches with my other miter saw. My friend showed me how to use it and asked me to cut a board for him. . Initially, the resistance was a bit tough when you pulled down on the handle, which incidentally, lacks any rubberized grip or coating.

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