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least you are back, love you guys interaction and jokes. Mott, I am so very happy for both of you. So glad that you are back. Belfountain The Motts: Thanks Steve. You cant win by Jack A couple of things come out of today's show. If it wasn't for Flaherty, this Country would be in poor financial shape! Yet when a young woman was murdered outside of his CNE Party in Toronto. We are not doing the live streaming at the moment. As much as we hate hearing about him we reflect what people are talking about, including being angry with the media for reporting. While the Health rep has been great, they do not work when the offence takes place - 740.

I think we some better roles models. A holiday does sound nice though! And just what do you do to the others who "lost" their vote and proceded to go against the 97? Let them know at cjbq that you enoy the show Shtick by Mary Dear Carol Re your irritation with the "bragging" of the late Muhammad Ali - The bragging was nothing but shtick. Yet getting the funds for the PanAm games was no problem. Maybe you have to now, because of contract, but that doesn't help your country. They should be updated by tomorrow. Your support of Horseracing by Dave Just wanted to say thank you for being supportive towards the Horse Racing Industry.

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He still has no criminal charges leveled against him, unlike the other mayor down the 401 in London, who has been charged with several criminal offences, but not a peep from the mainstreem media. At the same time, teach about those Ontario communities that lack safe drinking water, and must truck in bottled water, asking what needs to happen so that all Ontarians have access to local, safe drinking water. You said you were going to post. Eds comment by Norma WOW! The Motts: Hi Sandy, Thanks for your thoughts. As he is going to lay the wreath on Sunday in erin on behalf of the optimist club. The Mohammed Ali song was so amazing Pleased that you featured it and thanks. I'll just have to go and buy more plastic bags if I don't have these ones. Ml British lawyer who blasted LinkedIn compliment by Monika Though I wouldn't say the Daily Mail is the most reputable news source, this article backs up this "touchy" lawyer's defensive position on inappropriate messages being sent to attractive women (and men too, I expect).