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the calendar month in which any of the following events takes place, it becomes payable on that day: in the case of a sale of tangible personal property, other than. If so, can the individuals wife file the rebate claim? For example, if 10 of the individuals tax paid was at the rate of 7, 30 was paid at the rate of 6 and 60 was paid at the rate of 5, the maximum rebate amount will be: 6,300 (30 1,260) (10 2,520) 6,930 Note. The supplier (i.e., the utility) reconciles my actual electricity consumption and the amount that would have been payable on that consumption against the amount I paid throughout the period. Since the contractor issues the invoice on or after January 1, 2008, the contractor will charge you 5 GST or 13 HST. If the contractor I hired to renovate my kitchen in 2007 finishes the renovation work in 2007, but invoices me on or after January 1, 2008, what rate of tax will he charge me on these services? Retailer: We will redeem this coupon in accordance with our redemption policy, copies available upon request. In any other case, where the owner incurs eligible expenses that are subject to GST at 7, 6 and 5 (or HST at 15, 14 and 13 or any combination thereof, the claimant will be required to determine the extent to which tax was paid. Box 880001, El Paso,.

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I am the comptroller for a large automotive fuel refiner and supplier. What rate of tax is applicable? Where the builder and purchaser renegotiate the terms of agreement to purchase a new residential complex and enter into a new agreement of purchase and sale, the transitional rule will apply to the new agreement. Refer to question 26 if an amount was paid or credited by the builder to the purchaser in respect of the new housing rebate. Where the GST is payable at 6, the maximum rebate amount is equal to the lesser of 36 of the GST paid and 7,560. GST for Services and Real Property.

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