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vape all day (sometimes longer) with the long battery and, as long as I charge it properly (I usually use the wall-plug charger, not simply the USB port charging method the batteries seem to keep. Some cartridges either fill my mouth with liquid or are completely dry and don't work at all. October 25 2011: All of you who complain about the battery life DO know how rechargeable batteries work right? I have had no problems with my batteries; I puff away all day and rarely use it up before returning home. Alex commented on, august 20 2011: I have had similar problems. I just can't put up with the batteries not working. Sue commented on, october 23 2011: I too have had alot of battery poblems. July 26 2011: I am really suspicious of your claim that your this e-cig battery lasted over a year. Oh and they were suppoe to send me another and never did. Mark commented on, november 14 2011: I see a lot of comments about poor batteries with.

Their customer service is awesome and they have never balked at having to replace the faulty batteries). My batteries only last a couple months before I have to get a replacement. When i emailed customer service, i got a very rude n't waste your money on this product.

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On the rare occasion I coupons for boyfriend ideas do run a battery down, I just switch to the other one, or the USB 'battery.'. While I love their product I have had no less than 8 batteries replaced in 8 months. Service, cost/Value, i am really unhappy with this product. 2 out of the 3 batteries i purchased 6 months ago have died and i've had so many leaking cartridges. The past few months I've been getting a lot of dead cartridges and when I complained to "customer service" I got a rude lip from some punk. Rhi on, june 06 2011: post comment, overall, battery Life, smoke/Vapor. They told me I didn't know how to use them, well its not that hard. It's faulty and their customer service is unprofessional and rude. Which are awesome, BTW and I am still using the same batteries that came with my starter kit. I liked GS but now I am thinking of getting another brand. The vapor is full and tasty, my experience with customer service has been great, the shipping time to my address in Canada has never been longer than a week and yes, although I would agree that the initial product starter sets are comparatively costly,. 2 out of every 3 cartridges i bought have been e one good battery i have only lasts around 4 hours.

I feel badly for those who have had battery troubles and while I don't discount their testimony, I just wanted to add that I have never had a battery problem with this product, and considering all categories of this review, I believe these are the. If you try to charge them improperly then you shouldn't blame the company, they do state in the user manual to unplug the battery as soon as you notice that the charger light has changed from red to green.

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