cactus car wash coupons douglasville ga

attention. With just under a dozen locations in only three states; being the highest grossing car wash in the United States is an enormous feat! I thought of the possibility of harsh brushes scraping down the side of my new truck and I cringed. Contents, before you find cactus car wash douglasville ga find out the facts described below, and pay attention to them when choosing a car wash! Contactless: used active foam and high pressure water are used. There are several types of car washes: Contact: used water, foam, brushes. Badly rinses hard to reach places.

What I found was a friendly, professional staff, non-scratching neoprene strips instead of harsh brushes, a coffee kiosk with yummy, fattening pasteries, free internet and a management staff that truly cares about the customers. It is considered the safest car wash option for the car. Use only cactus car wash douglasville ga that meets your requirements. As a former fruad investigator, I am a suspicious man who is sometimes tough to please.

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The car wash owner, Nate Smith was even present and greeting customers. Cactus Car Wash prides itself on providing the highest quality of service while maintaining their strong commitment to preserving the environment. This post was contributed by a community member. Get the Douglasville newsletter, subscribe. It is considered careful washing. May not wash some elements of the car. The super low price on the coupon appealed to my cheap, money saving nature, so I decided to go take a look. There were no short cuts in the service. Being the paranoid owner of a brand new Ford F-150 pickup, I didn't want to even consider the idea of taking it to a car wash to have it cleaned.

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