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from Mexico in January, but you'd think that a few million of those avocados, at least, made its way into consumers digestive systems before the big game. Since that stat is getting a little dusty, and these numbers only seem to go up over the years, it's probably a bit more than that. Department of Agriculture, the Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption day in America. According to the.S. For instance, deliveries from sports bars jumped 34 percent over a typical Sunday.). According to the folks from the coupon website, m, Americans will buy.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, with an average order value.45. But over the Super Bowl weekend, that number jumps to 13,500. Hungry Howie's, a pizzeria with over 550 locations in 21 states, predicts that they'll sell 200,600 pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday 33,600 more than they would on a typical Sunday. Avocados from Mexico emailed me to say that this year, it's expected that Americans will eat almost 200 million pounds of avocados during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is to the food industry what Christmas is to retailers.

Still, evidently last year's avocado shortage is starting to become a distant memory, and whatever amount of guacamole Americans eat, it'll be too much. It's hard to come by new numbers when it comes to how much beer is consumed during the Super Bowl. To underscore my point that the Super Bowl truly is like Christmas for some business owners, Professor Thom's is a Patriots bar in New York City, and the owner, Pete Levin, estimates that the Super Bowl weekend accounts for almost 75 percent of the bar's food. In other words, if the December buzzflyer coupon code holiday season disappeared, it would have a profound impact on the retail industry's economy. . We eat more food, only on Thanksgiving. He says that customers will eat more than 150 pounds of cheese over Super Bowl weekend. (The company is also in the midst of a major expansion.). In any case, we eat a lot of food on Super Bowl Sunday.

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