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out performs any other grill is because it is in Made in the USA! Y'all can have all the Weber and other grills out there. We are so spoiled cooking for ourselves, burgers, chicken, turkey, any pork or pulled pork, roasts and my specialty is prime rib and steaks. Customer reviews for The Epic (BH421AG4) Overall rating: by: Josh Fletcher Date: June 16, 2016 State: AR I became interested in the Holland by chance. This is absolutely the best product I have ever bought. Overall rating: by: Jim Cullman, AL Date: August 02, 2015 State: AL Seven years in the humidity of the south and it still looks and cooks like new. They say a dog is Man's best friend; no, it is the Apex grill if the Man enjoys grilling.

IT looks like THE company that MFG. I hate grills that you have to stand over with a spray bottle of water just to put the grease fire out. Highlighting the NEW grills from Holland, The apex is constructed Stainless Steel for long life and top performance. Looks brand new and no repair issues whatsoever. (heat output per hour).

Woodchip drawer for smoking, rotary spark ignition system for easy lighting(1 year warranty). I'm guessing 10-12 years ago. It performs as it is advertised. It is hard to believe how good this grill. I hate IT when YOU open THE front door THE hooks fall OFF THE door every time. I do steak, roasts, chicken, bacon, all kinds of veggies, virtually anything. Overall rating: by: Sam Date: December 05, 2015 State: CA Received this as a gift about a year ago. Overall rating: by: Bill Stapp Date: June 02, 2015 State: WI I burned out my old grill. BTU'S: 14,000, cooking Hours: 21 per 20lb Tank, shelf-to-Shelf Width: 49 1/2". My first Holland that we bought was after the Wisconsin State Fair backyard cookout demo.

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