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the left bank. Here the muck was only knee high. I got to navigable water and was on my way. I got the yak off the roof as a light rain fell, thunder in the distance. I saw three more Key deer on the side of Long Beach Drive as I drove back to. I landed on the somewhat trash strewn shore. By the time I got to Big Pine, I was ready to paddle, rain or no rain. If I could fit, so would the yak. I had planned to paddle further up the Keys, but bad weather kept me out of the water.

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Overall Rating 4 / 5, want to know more? The ibis seem bigger than the ones on my local golf course, but probably aren't more than 20 inches tall. After some pictures, they ran into the mangrove jungle. My Report: Planning my Labor Day Weekend Keys trip, I discovered Coupon Bight, and made note that it might be a good place to check out. Green Wave Forum and author(s) of individual reports shall not be held liable for any omissions and inaccuracies contained herein. Some people pay a pretty penny for a mud bath. I explored the Bight for a bit, then glided back through the channel, past ibis, herons, and cormorants, back to the Ocean. Back to the channel, another deer at the entrance.

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