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of invoices, issues receipts or invoices that do not truly reflect and/or contain all the information required to be shown. A Tax Credit Certificate validly issued under the provisions of this Code may be applied against any internal revenue tax, excluding withholding taxes, for which the taxpayer is directly liable. Cralaw All other articles subject to excise tax, which have been manufactured or removed in violation of this Code, as well as dies for the printing or making of internal revenue stamps and labels which are in imitation of or purport to be lawful stamps. For purposes of computing any internal revenue tax, the value of the property shall be, whichever is the higher of: (1) the fair market value as determined by the Commissioner,. To the extent of any interest therein of which the decedent has at any time made a transfer, by trust or otherwise, in contemplation of or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment at or after death, or of which he has. Carlsberg Beer 330. 259,169,249 4,909,108,603 to Total.56.62 annex C-2 mftr brand retail price NET OF VAT AND AVT ST MAX increase first year revenue collection increment revenue total 11,414,082,751 1,201,533,316 High Priced Brands 67,261,844 243,001 56,657,798 0 San Miguel Corp. Guardians, trustees, executors, administrators, receivers, conservators and all persons or corporations, acting in any fiduciary capacity, shall render, in duplicate, a return of the income of the person, trust or estate for whom or which they act, and be subject to all the provisions. Cralaw (B) Presumptive Input Tax Credits. A tax credit certificate issued in accordance with the pertinent provisions of this Code, which shall remain unutilized after five (5) years from the date of issue, shall, unless revalidated, be considered invalid, and shall not be allowed as payment for internal revenue tax.

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(4) Compensation for Injuries or Sickness - amounts received, through Accident or Health Insurance or under coupons for under armour website Workmen's Compensation Acts, as compensation for personal injuries or sickness, plus the amounts of any damages received, whether by suit or agreement, on account of such injuries or sickness. Fine-cut shorts and refuse, scraps, clippings, cuttings, stems and sweepings of tobacco resulting from the handling or stripping of whole leaf tobacco may be transferred, disposed of, or otherwise sold, without prepayment of the excise tax herein provided for under such conditions as may. Cralaw Only one Taxpayer identification Number (TIN) shall be assigned to a taxpayer. When the amount bid for the property under distraint is not equal to the amount of the tax or is very much less than the actual market value of the articles offered for sale, the Commissioner or his deputy may purchase the same. Automobiles acquired for use by persons or entities operating within the freeport zone shall be exempt from excise tax: Provided, That utility vehicles of registered zone enterprises, which are indispensable in the conduct and operations of their business, such as delivery trucks and cargo vans. (A) In the case of any loss claimed to have been sustained from any sale or other disposition of shares of stock or securities where it appears that within a period beginning thirty (30) days before the date of such sale or disposition and. If the taxpayer elects to take such credits in the year in which the taxes of the foreign country accrued, the credits for all subsequent years shall be taken upon the same basis and no portion of any such taxes shall be allowed. In the case of legally separated spouses, additional exemptions may be claimed only by the spouse who has custody of the child or children: Provided, That the total amount of additional exemptions that may be claimed by both shall not exceed the maximum additional exemptions. (D) Net Income of a Partnership Deemed Constructively Received by Partners.

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