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wrong. DataStage.5 also has new mobile device support so you can administer your DataStage jobs via a palm pilot. What are the facts in your fact table? Spawn Bulldozer at Crib Enter " #Bulldozer " as a number. Tuning should occur on a job-by-job basis.? .

What is hashed file? Loop * Check record exists for record id read vStart from vfile, vRecord Then Call DSLogInfo Loop Started: vFileName, Routine) Call DSLogInfo Control File ID: vRecord, Routine) readv vStart from vfile, vRecord, 4 Then readv vStop from vfile, vRecord, 5 Then Call DSLogInfo Load Records. Developing a Job The DataStage Designer is used to create and develop DataStage jobs. Difference between oltp and olap?

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datastage FAQ from geek interview questions. . TvaFormated Ereplace(TvaFormated, BaseFormated Ereplace(BaseFormated, ". A simple log of which runs produce error link file is maintained in the module's log directory. I've made a few comments below for the more glaring inaccuracies or topics where I have up-to-date experience. Why do you go for oracle sequence generator rather than datastage routine?

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