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familiar with. I used it every other day and its actually so gentle that you could use it daily, which I did for a week and again, there was no irritation, only happy skin. This is definitely an oil that would work very well for all skin types and those with sensitive skin who find Vitamin C too irritating would really benefit from incorporating this or Rosehip (or a mix of both) into their routine. It feels like a normal moisturizer on the skin, yet is doing so much more making it one of the most hardworking, results driven products out there. Acid Toning has become pretty popular over the last few years thanks largely to Caroline Hirons and this is exactly how you would use this, as an exfoliating toner, after cleansing and before a hydrating toner/mist or serums. This is normal and happens across all brands. One of the major benefits of this oil is how healing and soothing it is when it comes to acne and thats due to it being high in Omega fatty acids and anti-microbial. With the salicylic acid, if I am using it as a spot treatment I like to either apply it directly on my skin after toning or after the HA serum and before everything else, otherwise I use it in the mix described above.

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Of all the Vitamin C products that The Ordinary currently offer, this one has to be the most versatile. Even if you have oily skin, you need to use some type of moisturizer to make sure your skin stays hydrated, balanced and nourished in order to prevent that excess production of oil. My skin is now insanely soft and smooth, pores appear less visible, breakouts have subsided and there is improvement in overall tone (including hyperpigmentation texture and clarity. Its one of my most asked questions when it comes to The Ordinary and while technically pretty much every product is anti-aging in some form, these are the ones that are very specifically designed for mature skin. That pretty much concludes what a morning skincare routine could look like and how The Ordinary products would fit in to each step. You can do as many as you choose and ultimately its all about finding a routine that is manageable, enjoyable and will keep your skin looking its best. Vitamin A (retinol) is so important when it comes to skin health and it does everything from reducing wrinkles, correcting pigmentation irregularities and fighting some forms of acne, as well as increasing cell turnover, blood flow to the skin and collagen production. It contains Deciems favourite Tasmanian pepperberry to reduce as much irritation as possible, B5 (pantothenic acid) to aid in healing, Black Carrot for some antioxidant boost and hyaluronic acid for comfort.

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