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problems also caused by gas in the first world war. Everyone felt the end was in sight. Windows had to have tape criss-crossed over them to help prevent them from shattering to much through bomb blast. If it was an "A adult) film we would wait outside and ask an adult to take.

Part of the job was making uniforms for the serviceman. These sustained attacks continued right through into October giving fifty seven days of continuous bombing. We also made tin stilts by getting hold of a couple tins, such as cocoa tins, making holes in the side of them and threading string through them and then pulling the tins hard against your feet we would walk about on them. This consisted of two teams of five or more, and to play, one boy stood against a wall as the anchor and the rest of his side bent over in a line facing him to form a long leap frog jump.

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We were a proud, patriotic nation, Britain was Great, and Britannia ruled the waves. What a noise they used to make. The head, feet and side bars had clips on them to which narrow metal slats were clipped and woven across the bed to form the base. This move took Len and I to live with the Deerings and Evelyn went with Mum at Mrs. They had even taken to using Kamikaze pilots. Any one in need of help could always find a neighbour to give a helping hand, whether a bit of shopping required or a new baby arriving, as most babies were born at home in these days. Posted February 12, 2019).