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majority, cake-eater, best AND brightest, power elite, second estate, ring-knocker, untouchable, bulletproof, vulcanize, fairy dust. See airman alignment tool, GI shower, GIG, call ON THE carpet, drumhead, riot ACT, pain. Cf: beer belly, muffin top, squeezy bits nb: "While a Western researcher was visiting a Japanese monastery to interview the resident Zen master, he reacted when his escort paused at a niche to bow reverently before a statue of the Buddha by saying: 'I thought. Also, figuratively morbid; as grim satire or gallows humor. Also, a rude hand gesture, formed by extending the middle finger with the other fingers curled toward the palm of the hand, being symbolic of male genitalia, representative of fornication, expressive of contempt and carelessness, as in "flip him The Bird also known as THE. Also, a hedgerow or foliated area, such as field separations; and sometimes known as "berm line". V: shaving cream, shampoo, shower gel, toiletry, suds / soapsuds / lather, scouring powder Also, an informal contranym for either a solid reliable comrade (ie: good people) or a lazy burdensome shirker (ie: goldbrick with the proper meaning inferred from context and facial expression. Black BAG : (forthcoming metonymic euphemism, "black bag job see bagman, candy, juice, golden shower, honey POT, dirty tricks; compare diplomatic pouch, faraday pouch. Ballast : a heavy material (including sea water) carried on a vessel to control draft and stability, or on an aircraft (including balloons) to control elevation and trim. Also, slang for something not working properly, as "this machine is on the blink also known as "fritz" or "haywire". Buckle boots : buckle boot slang for the rugged rough-out brown leather boots that were introduced in wwii to replace the WWI-era puttee wrapped boondockers; also called "two-buckle boots". Also, the inclination of an angled road or track; also called "cant".

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Berlin blockade : a blockade by the Soviet Union (ussr) of the allied sectors of Berlin that curtailed travel through East Germany (German Democratic Republic) from to ; see berlin airlift. Bonus ACT : some veterans' groups (including Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion) initiated a demand for an ex-servicemen's bonus shortly after the close of WWI, based upon the proposition that former servicemembers ought to be compensated for the differential between their military pay. Aka: intellectual, thinker, scholar, pundit, guru, savant, sage, quick-witted, genius, brain, highbrow, big headed, longhair, pointy-headed, master, mastermind, expert, virtuoso, rocket scientist, magus, mage, bailiwick v: enfant terrible (French: prodigy wunderkind (German: prodigy) nb: "Eggheads, unite! Nb: "long home" is slang for gravesite; v: graveyard, boneyard, boot hill, God's acre, churchyard, catacomb, necropolis, cenotaph, columbarium, sepulcher; cf: "whited sepulcher" (Matthew 23:27) nb: the traditional three-shot volley at burial derives from the pagan ritual of shouting the name of the deceased three. Bluing guards metal against damage by skin-oils and other acids, but the metal must be clean, and often stripped or exposed before treating or re-finishing. American advisors have sometimes been shocked when witnessing such insulting slaps administered to foreign troops by their own officers and NCOs where such bashing was still permitted (eg: Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, etc the warder or baton (swagger stick) is sometimes used instead of the. Brag : a storytelling pastime used to recount battle action as a test of knowledge or gullibility since before the American civil WAR; also known as "Hazard "Bluff or "Astonishment this exercise in deception and misdirection contributed to the development of both poker and liar'S. Bolc : Basic Officer Leadership Course, being the introductory branch-specific training for newly commissioned officers, especially from rotc programs; formerly known as Basic Officer's Course (BOC) and Officer's Basic Course (OBC see TBS. See little brown brother, basket head, indig, joss stick, kowtow, NHA THO, desegregation; compare little people, yellow peril, yellow DOG, dink, gook, slope, rice ball, ZIP, slant-EYE. BAR : Browning Automatic Rifle; a heavy.30cal magazine-fed shoulder fired weapon, used extensively in wwii and Korea, but didn't perform as well as British Bren. Also, the manner in which one conducts or carries oneself, being the postures and gestures of comportment; to exhibit proper demeanor and military deportment, exacting punctilio, as when "bearing up" under pressure; see THE bible, manual OF arms, silent insolence, EYE-fighting, tact, respect, command voice. They would have to speak the language and know the customs of their target area.